Ugo Liberatore was born in Orio Litta, a small town near Milan, in The middle of the countryside, in a very humble family, both parents were workers, and the father was originally french.

Because of the father, Ugo, since the first years of age, develops a deep passion for some of the greatest french authors, from Victor Hugo, to Jean-Paule Sartre, and also for amazing poets such as Baudelaire.

The mother, instead, made clear to him the importance of working hard and studying even harder.

Growing up, Ugo develops a great talent for arts, he studied at the Liceo Artistico in Milan where he falls in love with the technique of his teacher and mentor Giansisto Gasparini.

He graduates after at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan, a landmark for all the best contemporary artists, with the teachings of Saverio Terruso e Luciano Fabro, both fundamental for Ugo’s artistic growth.

The great passion for the experimentation of new techniques melted with the older ones, and the tormented personal life he lived, allowed Ugo to have a lot of emotions to bring on canvas.

After all the positive feedback received during the years from galleries and exhibitions, now Ugo is a absolutely unique artist, developing an innovative new technique never seen before.



1986 – Galleria Abba (Brescia)
– Personale “Fresque Arracèes’ Fort Napoleon (Tolone)
– Galleria Aurora (Milano)
– Galleria Piacenza (Piacenza)
– Galleria Garibaldi (Nizza)

Interior design:

1987 – Principe di Savoia (Milano)
–  Villa Clerici a Foligno (Perugia)
– Gioielleria Zanetti (Roma)



dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Quelli che restano

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Studio figura materia

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Il principe

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Quelli che vanno

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Il tempo ritratto

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Figura materica

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm

Figura materica 2

dimensioni 100 x 100 cm


    And this is my freedom on canvas.

    We are not made to be perfect, we are made to be free,

    Wrong choices, wrong turns, wrong people, but

    As a man I made a lot of mistakes in my life,

    Ugo Libertore